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“The Exponential Group will use a successful, proven fundraising model to create a tailored solution for your faith-based non-profit.  Using biblically based principles we’ll listen to the goals of your organization and increase the effectiveness of your next major fundraising event.”

The Bible is filled with practical principles that we utilize to guide our fundraising solutions. We believe that by establishing our organization on a solid foundation, we’ve created a program that is both timeless and defies conventional success rates.

Although we are committed to our process and the success it can bring to your organization, we know that every partner brings a different situation to the table.  That’s why we analyze your current fundraising efforts, meet with your top decision-makers, and help you set extraordinary goals for the years ahead.  The better we understand you, the more we can support you in the competitive arena of non-profit fundraising.

Exponential growth requires constant change.  Know that by working with The Exponential Group you won’t just get a simple solution, you’ll get a committed partner.

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